Last Leaf This Year

Earlier, I posted a photo of ginkgo leaf that was on a garden chair. I moved to take a photo, because the leaf was so perfectly positioned on the chair and the color of the leaf was bright and beautiful. Yesterday, I saw another ginkgo leaf similarly bright and beautiful, and that was the last […]

Long Focus into MUNI Garage

Earlier this year, I had bought a telephoto lens, 70-200mm, but have not been using much, because it is so very heavy and bulky. Not so easy to carry around for everyday street shots. But yesterday, I took it out. It was a little bit of adjustment, because I have enjoyed taking more close-ups. When […]

Petal Veins

I took close-up photos of a beautiful Camellia, but they did not come out as good as I expected. So I took one of them and played around. The result was grayscaled Camellia that shows petal veins in a dramatic way. Too bad I could not use the original colors but I like how it […]

High Ceiling

I was at St. Francis Hotel in Union Square the other day. I like those large lounge areas with very high ceiling. I tried to capture the height by turning the photo into grayscale. In color, it seems the ceiling and its surroundings make the photo darker and does not give the depth in this […]

Christmas Scene from San Francisco

Christmas Scene from San Francisco

San Francisco City Hall has been lit up in red and green for a week or two, with simple Christmas tree in front. I’ve been wanting to photograph it but have not had a chance until last night. I should have brought my lens hood, because I got a lot of lens flare on photos, […]