After Busy Winter Day at Work

In San Francisco, all these neighborhoods are sprung up with new shops, restaurants or condo buildings these days. Areas known as Duboce Triangle and Lower Haight are not exception. In the past few years, the neighborhoods have been cleaned up and occupied with fashionable shops and restaurants. Anyway, I took this photo in a low […]

Pampas Grass

It was rather difficult to make this shot, as it was dark, there was a slight breeze and the ground was not firm as I had to step on some grass (hope I did not step on plants!). I made several shots and this was the best one. This Pampas Grass is found at Helen […]

Alamo Square Sunset Water Fountain

This water fountain jumped out of the scene when I first saw it in yesterday’s beautiful sunset. I took some shots hoping the sunset only gave me adequate lighting, because street lights were far from where I was. Many came out too dark or blurry. I did not want to use flash, because I just […]