Christmas Scene from San Francisco

Christmas Scene from San Francisco

San Francisco City Hall has been lit up in red and green for a week or two, with simple Christmas tree in front. I’ve been wanting to photograph it but have not had a chance until last night. I should have brought my lens hood, because I got a lot of lens flare on photos, […]

San Francisco Design District

Used to be an area with just warehouses, Design District has cleaned up quite bit and now houses software companies, retail design shops, restaurants, cafe, and all those businesses that make a neighborhood thriving. I see this happening many parts of the city, and I suppose that is good for the economy of the city.

Djurgården Softened

Djurgården softened

I am starting to learn basics of photo editing, and it’s definitely more of an artistic process than justing knowing how to use editing software. On this photo, I played with contrast and brightness, applied one of blur filters, changed the color of the sky, and changed color curves a little. All this made the […]