Noe Valley Homes

Noe Valley Homes

I spent some time on the rooftop of my apartment building the other night. The view of downtown was nice but the photos did not come out good: The photos were not very crisp and the focus might have been too long. The view of nearby Noe Valley homes came out better. Exposure might have been too long, but this was the best shot of the evening.


Peak into Garden

Through a Window

I was walking in my neighborhood of Noe Valley yesterday and found this little house with a fence and gate. The gate had a small window and I peaked into its garden. I thought the small window would frame the house and the photo might turn out interesting. I only had a micro shot lens with me and I did not want to stand in front of the gate too long, so this is what I got.

Color Not Found in Nature

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge has been in this color called International Orange for over 75 years. It is said to blend in well with the bridge’s surroundings. Not sure if it blends well but it sure stands out well. This photo was taken at Legion of Honor Fine Arts Museum on the New Year’s Day.

First Splash of 2013


On New Year’s Day, I went to San Francisco’s Lands End for a stroll and photography. Lands End is one of my favorite places in the city because of dramatic natural setting and view of Golden Gate Bridge. Perfect place to be with a telephoto. It was a beautiful day and waves were huge, but I managed to take a few shots of wave crashing into rocks and splash. That’s a way to start a new year!

Last Leaf This Year


Earlier, I posted a photo of ginkgo leaf that was on a garden chair. I moved to take a photo, because the leaf was so perfectly positioned on the chair and the color of the leaf was bright and beautiful. Yesterday, I saw another ginkgo leaf similarly bright and beautiful, and that was the last leaf on the tree. I thought it was good to post it today on the New Year’s Eve but wanted to make it a little more special. It is still rough around the edges, but I am still learning GIMP, so this has to do for today. A Happy New Year to all!

Long Focus into MUNI Garage


Earlier this year, I had bought a telephoto lens, 70-200mm, but have not been using much, because it is so very heavy and bulky. Not so easy to carry around for everyday street shots. But yesterday, I took it out. It was a little bit of adjustment, because I have enjoyed taking more close-ups. When I was scratching my head about identifying good subjects, I saw a MUNI garage and saw some buses being repaired or stored. Good enough for a long focus. I should try using this lens more since I do like the quality this lens produces.

Petal Veins


I took close-up photos of a beautiful Camellia, but they did not come out as good as I expected. So I took one of them and played around. The result was grayscaled Camellia that shows petal veins in a dramatic way. Too bad I could not use the original colors but I like how it turned out, too.



There was a hole in this hedge, and there I saw branches that had fantastic texture and colors. As soon as I saw it, I wanted to play with it and see what comes out of it. With some tweaking on GIMP, the branches began to have rusty metallic texture. Like it.

City Moss

City Moss

Moss is resilient and it does not ask too much to live. But urban streets do not provide the most desirable conditions. So it grows where it can, when it can. Today, I found it on someone else’s front step. It was after a couple of days of rain, so it was not dry and looked healthy. It will thrive until the end of rainy season.



Not something you would expect from the title. But since it is winter and all, it seems appropriate. By the way, I did not know this plant is called snowflakes. We rarely get snowfall in San Francisco, so this is as close as we get to snowflakes.

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