After Busy Winter Day at Work

In San Francisco, all these neighborhoods are sprung up with new shops, restaurants or condo buildings these days. Areas known as Duboce Triangle and Lower Haight are not exception. In the past few years, the neighborhoods have been cleaned up and occupied with fashionable shops and restaurants. Anyway, I took this photo in a low […]

Last Leaf This Year

Earlier, I posted a photo of ginkgo leaf that was on a garden chair. I moved to take a photo, because the leaf was so perfectly positioned on the chair and the color of the leaf was bright and beautiful. Yesterday, I saw another ginkgo leaf similarly bright and beautiful, and that was the last […]

Petal Veins

I took close-up photos of a beautiful Camellia, but they did not come out as good as I expected. So I took one of them and played around. The result was grayscaled Camellia that shows petal veins in a dramatic way. Too bad I could not use the original colors but I like how it […]

San Francisco Design District

Used to be an area with just warehouses, Design District has cleaned up quite bit and now houses software companies, retail design shops, restaurants, cafe, and all those businesses that make a neighborhood thriving. I see this happening many parts of the city, and I suppose that is good for the economy of the city.